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Enterprise aim: harmony is one, kindness is infinite.
Business philosophy: people-oriented, the rule of law. The factory with quality level, continuous innovation
The cornerstone of enterprise development: quality is the driving force, unity, cooperation, there is a way out
Enterprise mission: among the domestic automatic cold heading machine industry top, screw manufacturer partners become rare.
People oriented: the first element of productivity, the main body of his timely business, but also the core of enterprise management. Hi Tracy McGrady from the plant first education "concept of talent to" like T-Mac is a school. It is the cultural connotation of a warm "home", are put people first in the enterprise management, just around the wholeheartedly service employees and wholeheartedly on the staff thought, development and cultural construction work, to be in a kind of full of vitality, has strong cohesion foreign deep trust of customers, win the supported by all a cultural atmosphere.
Rule of law factory: stressed the importance of the construction of the company's standardization hi Maddie. The enterprise standard is the "law", all the activities of enterprises should be carried out within the framework of the standard, "standard boss, general manager Dick standard before everyone is equal". This is like McGrady standardization construction of consistent criteria. Chairman think. Instead of "rule of man" to "rule of law" can be overcome by personal will and emotions. Ideological bias and error analysis caused by the fluctuation of the enterprise development. Established a set of scientific and reasonable standard to enterprise management, regulate employee behavior. This is to ensure the long-term and stable development of.
To quality: quality is the life of enterprise, products on behalf of the character." Hi Maddie, "people don't think about how to cope and overwhelm their opponents. Instead, they focus on how to get ahead of all the competitors from the quality of the product. Since the "happy" McGrady that in market economy, competitors exist forever, only skilled in management, enhance the technological content of products is the key to dominate the market. Like McGrady company always adhere to the "to the community to provide high-quality goods" the quality policy, to the quality of survival, to the credibility of development, continue to increase investment in technological transformation and new product research and development. The quality as the enterprise survival. The development of the cornerstone and golden key.
Innovation is the soul of an enterprise, it is the vitality of the development of the enterprise. It is firstly embodied in the concept of employee's innovation in hi Maddie company. Companies break through the traditional sense of consciousness, breaking the traditional concepts and awareness, to create their own brand. Embodied in the physical innovation, mechanism innovation, management innovation, etc.. Companies in the innovation of the development and growth of their own, to achieve the scale of efficiency, the construction of enterprises to become more competitive enterprises.